What Exactly is Targeted Hyperbarics? The Science

Targeted Hyperbaric Therapy combines all the healing and rejuvenating benefits of ‘traditional’ hyperbaric therapy with the integration of Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT).

Both are proven stand-alone therapies, however when combined inside the chamber, they offer a targeted greater penetration of healing.

Low Level Light Therapy

Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) was discovered in the 1950s and was found then to improve wound healing, and to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation as well as promoting relaxation.

Originally this was a form of laser treatment but today super LEDs are used as a lower cost substitute and have proven to be highly beneficial.

Our Resources section has more Light Therapy Studies for you to look at.

LLLT serves through ‘vasodilation’, to increase blood flow.

When used in conjunction with hyperbaric therapy, this results in more blood, carrying more oxygen, flowing to targeted areas of the body – exponentially increasing the effectiveness of the increased oxygen concentration.

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Laser Medicine and Surgery detailed a 36% acceleration in wound healing compared to results achieved using either Low Level Light Therapy or hyperbaric therapy in isolation.

Here you can see a video which explains Low Light Level Therapy.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

With the advent of t-HBOT, we can now focus on local areas of injuries or concerns and directly target the extra oxygen (provided through HBOT) into specific areas inside the body.

This is hyperbaric medicine’s latest breakthrough. Find out more below:

  • Hyperbaric therapy is a procedure that allows extra oxygen to enter inside the body.The ultimate goal is to help provide extra physiological benefits.It’s not possible however, to direct this extra oxygen into certain areas of the body. Instead, those being treated are advised to take the 40 hours worth of sessions and benefit cumulatively over time, in turn helping the problem areas or desired areas of improvement.
  • Light Therapy provides a strong photo- biological effect inside the body by using FDA-cleared light pads. These pads are sources of high-intensity energy, and are placed directly on the skin to provide maximum penetration into the body.Once this energy is transferred into the body, the localized results are immediate – pain and inflammatory relief, tissue healing and improvement in blood flow amongst other things.

Targeted Hyperbarics

t-HBOT (a combination of HBOT and LLLT) – Since HBOT produces a high amount of oxygen to enter the blood, and LLLT provides an equally strong localized effect, the combination of both has provided major advantages.

Together they have allowed physicians and practitioners to finally target the benefits of HBOT (very quickly) to localized tissue, giving us 2 major benefits.

It also allows us to:

  1. Use lower pressures to effectively give a higher oxygen dose (similar to seen at higher pressures) to specific areas of tissue: “t-HBOT is a great way to help maximize the benefits of hyperbaric therapy, by targeting its effects to the areas that you want, while still utilizing lower pressures.This is why t-HBOT is now being considered to being a breakthrough in hyperbaric medicine, with its greatest implications towards m-HBOT, due to its limitations in pressure.”
  2. Limit the frequency of HBOT, often down to only 1-2 times per week.This is very significant because one of the major hurdles for HBOT to overcome is the fact that it typically requires daily application of HBOT (for up to 2 months).This makes HBOT far more convenient, allowing people to receive the treatment when they are free from work or other commitments.