How it Works

Since the 1960’s, low-level light therapy (LLLT) has been shown to improve wound healing, in addition to reducing pain, inflammation and swelling.

This noninvasive and painless modality was first introduced utilizing state-of-the-art laser technology.

However, through technological advancements in recent years, light emitting diodes (LEDs) have become increasingly popular as a less expensive substitution for lasers, while remaining efficacious.

LEDs have the capability to incorporate more wavelengths that work simultaneously, while having the ability to administer the therapy on larger body surfaces.

In recent years, the utilization of LLLT and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) in synergistic treatment protocols has rendered significant therapeutic results in several clinical applications for numerous chronic and acute conditions.

LLLT acts as a vasodilator by mechanism of nitric oxide, which increases blood flow to local tissue. As LLLT dilates, HBOT oxygenates, which results in accelerated healing and regeneration on an exponential scale.

This has provided physicians and patients the ability to administer Targeted Hyperbarics to specific areas of the body where healing is needed most.

In 2015 by combining the best in nature through technology the Targeted Hyperbaric Chamber Experience was born, progress was made with the development and introduction of the combined approach to healing and repair to further enhance the hyperbaric chamber experience.

Particular Light Systems have been approved by chamber manufacturers as completely safe to use inside the chambers, an ingenious dual port upgrade adaptor has been designed to allow the pass through of light therapy to the person/s inside the chamber.

These light systems have also shown to relax the person inside the chamber as well as relieving the stress of claustrophobia.

For a list of FDA cleared light therapy systems, manufacturer approved to be used inside certain models of hyperbaric chambers contact us online or call us on 321-987-9424.

For studies on red, infrared and blue light therapy click here.

One of the documented benefits of light therapy is that it triggers the release of Nitric Oxide, the body’s natural vasodilator.

This enhanced blood flow brings extra oxygen to the localized area, facilitating healing and recovery of damaged tissue, as well as the effect of enhancing tissue performance if applied before exercise.

Combine this effect inside the chamber for an even greater localized repair and healing experience.

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You can contact us online to find out which chambers can be upgraded to incorporate the enhanced Targeted Hyperbaric approach (tHbot).