How Can I Experience Hyperbaric Therapy

Other than purchasing your own chamber there are two ways to experience Hyperbaric Oxygen to see how it can benefit you:

  1. Rent a chamber
  2. Visit a health clinic that practices Hyperbaric Oxygen

Renting your chamber

There are a few companies who offer the rental program for hyperbaric chambers, some offer 3 months, some 6 months or longer, we have compiled the best value rental deals so contact us for more information on this.

Have session/s at a local reputable Hyperbaric Clinic

There are a number of good, reputable hyperbaric clinics across the USA that have a special arrangement with HWS offering our clients at a discounted rate.

For a 50% off Hyperbaric World Services “voucher for health” contact us online and we will organize your hyperbaric sessions with your local professional hyperbaric center.

HWS has a list of centers who also offer the enhanced Targeted Hyperbaric effect, for more information on this contact us online or call us on 888 503 1555.

Everyone who rents, buys or experiences hyperbaric oxygen must have a script by law as it is a Class ll medical device.

This voucher also entitles you to a free consultation (and script) with one of our Hyperbaric Experts, saving you over $100.