What Exactly is Hyperbaric Therapy? The Science

When you fly on a plane, or visit somewhere located at a high altitude above sea level, you’ll probably be aware that the air pressure reduces the higher up you go.

Put simply, there’s less air occupying the same amount of space.

Conversely, as we descend travelling towards the center of the earth, the pressure around us increases.

Hyperbaric therapy uses modern technology to increase the air pressure around us in a controlled and safe environment.

This increase in pressure is scientifically proven to increase the body’s absorption of greater amounts of oxygen into the bloodstream.

The extra oxygen combusts with food in the body to produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is energy. Our bodies continuously use energy to function, repair and regenerate.

By increasing the production of energy in the body, it gives us the extra fuel to fight disease, accelerate the healing of injuries and overall improve health and vitality by supporting the bodies innate ability to heal.

As an example, over 500 NFL players have used Hyperbaric Oxygen to support their accelerated repair and quicker return to the field.

You can read about Henry’s Law which explains the scientific process of why Hyperbaric Therapy is so effective.