Hyperbarics for Home

With over 20,000 chambers being used in homes across North America, why should you consider experiencing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

The FDA has cleared hyperbaric therapy for home and clinical use, and classifies hyperbaric oxygen chambers as Class ll medical devices.

With a prescription from a qualified doctor and consultation, you can compare and rent or purchase your own hyperbaric chamber, you can contact us online or call us on 321-987-9424 for more information on this.

The actual clearance by the FDA is for Altitude Sickness due to the extra Oxygen that dissolves into the liquid of the body when you are in a Hyperbaric pressured environment.

It really is that simple, you lay in the chamber on a soft mattress with a pillow and you are pressured to about 1.3 Atmospheres, to you and me that’s the equivalent to about 11 feet under sea water.

Your ears equalize over a few minutes (rather like landing in a plane) then you lay or sit for about an hour and experience your body absorbing more Oxygen.

This extra Oxygen is useful if you are climbing at high altitude where the air is thinner and you get tired easily, hence the FDA’s clearance for AS.

However the benefit our body finds for all this extra Oxygen is not just limited to Altitude Sickness.

There are literally hundreds of studies that have been carried out on the efficacy of Hyperbaric Therapy, and this is why chambers can be found in thousands of homes across the world as more people experience the healing effects of extra Oxygen in the body.

Are you looking to Rent or Purchase?

There are companies who offer the option to rent a chamber for 1 to 6 months where in some cases 100% of all monies paid can be credited to a purchase.

Rental payments consist of a security deposit upwards of $750 p/month, and rental payments upwards of $750 p/m plus shipping depending on the size of the chamber.

Hyperbaric World Services can source the best option and extras included with your rental, these vary on a month by month basis depending on offers available, contact us online or call us on 321-987-9424 for more information.

Purchase can be through the rental program or through financing where some competitive rates are available, most companies accept credit cards.

Click here to see the research and studies that hyperbaric oxygen has been documented to benefit.

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