Sports Performance

Professional sports trainers and coaches around the world are discovering and harnessing the powers of hyperbaric therapy.

Hyperbaric therapy aids in the repair of damaged muscle tissue, and can help injuries to heal faster by enriching the bloodstream with extra Oxygen, leading to a more efficient performance.

Sportsmen and women from fields as diverse as football, basketball, mixed martial arts and golf are now turning to hyperbaric therapy to give them that additional lift in their game that is vital in today’s competitions.

Over 500 NFL players use Hyperbaric Oxygen to accelerate their healing and return to the field, for example Joe Namath has been an advocate for many years.

And with the advent of hyperbaric chambers suitable for installation in the home, you too can enjoy those same benefits.

One of the world’s most famous soccer players, Cristiano Ronaldo, injured his knee in the final of the European Championships in the Summer of 2016. He used Hyperbaric Oxygen to accelerate the repair and healing process.

Accelerated Healing

When the body is damaged from everyday living, accidents or sports injuries, oxygen is a vital part of the recovery process.

From cuts and bruises, breaks and tears to bacterial infection, oxygen leads the body’s natural defenses.

Hyperbaric therapy can significantly speed up the healing process.

Of course, this can be beneficial to all of us, but if your body’s defenses are continuously being weakened by conditions such as diabetes, Lyme, MS and more, then the benefits can be even more noticeable.

Research is supporting a reduction in the time your body needs to recover from knocks, cuts and breaks … and increase the time you spend doing what you enjoy!